4 comments on “Review: Luma Loop

  1. Just one question — how durable does the lanyard “string” appear to be? It’s the only semi-scary / vulnerable part of the design to my eyes

    • I had the same worries when I bought the Loop, but that lanyard “string” that attaches the QDSS to you camera is a high grade nylon string, so I don’t get the feeling it’s going to just break on me. Of course, I occasionally have had the same gut feeling and find myself checking and double-checking to make sure everything there is in good working order. The string is knotted quite well inside the QDSS, and with very little room to move around in there, it’s not going to undo itself.

      After 2-months of use, everything still looks new…the string show no signs of fraying or wear, so at this point I’m really not worried about it. I think you would definitely notice fraying long before the string broke, so you’d have plenty of time to replace it.

  2. Nice review! One question I have that I can’t seem to find an answer to is that the BlackRapid RS-7 has adjustable bumper stops to stop the camera from traveling too far to your back. The Luma Loop does not have these. How is it walking around? Do you notice the camera going too far to your back since there are no bumpers to stop it?

    • No, I don’t notice the camera moving too far back on the strap. I had not noticed those on the BlackRapid RS-7, but I honestly don’t know why they would be needed. Gravity should do a pretty good job keeping the camera where it is supposed to be.

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